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What is PRN?

A PRN (Payment Reference Number) is a SSS system-generated number given to SSS members that represents the contribution to be made and the applicable month for the said contribution.

Where can I get my PRN?

You may generate your PRN once you scan the QR Code. Just Provide your SSS Numer, Member type, Chosen Amount, and the Applicable Month/s you would like to pay for.

When should I expect my payment to be reflected on my SSS Account?

All contributions made through Billeroo are real-time and can be seen reflected on your SSS Account as soon you receive the payment confirmation

How can I confirm that Billeroo is officially accredited by SSS Philippines?

A quick look at the different SSS official public pages showing their accredited collecting partners will tell you that AltPayNet is one of them and Billeroo is their official SSS Biller solution.

How can I confirm that I am using the correct QR Code or link?

The official domain to look out for regarding SSS Contributions is: Below is a screenshot of the page you should be sent to: