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Billeroo uses cookies. Cookies are information sent by the servers to web browsers and stored by the web browsers; in the case of mobile applications, these are stored in the mobile. The information is then sent back to the server on each request from a browser or application. This enables Billeroo to identify its users and activities in using the platform, web applications, and mobile applications. This is to tailor, secure access, and improve the user experience. There are two main kinds of cookies in Billeroo's environment: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are deleted from your computer when you close your browser, whereas persistent cookies remain stored on your computer until deleted, or until they reach their expiry date. Cookies can be disabled but it may stop our online systems, web and mobile applications, and websites from functioning properly.


AltPayNet is committed to ensuring that cookie information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, AltPayNet has put in place suitable policies and guidelines to safeguard and secure the information collected.


In some special cases, Billeroo also uses cookies provided by trusted third parties. The following section details which third party cookies users might encounter through this site. This site uses Google Analytics which is one of the most widespread and trusted analytics solutions on the web for helping us to understand how you use the site and ways that Billeroo can improve your experience. These cookies may track information such as how long users spend on the site and the pages visited to continue on producing engaging content.

For more information on Google Analytics cookies, see the official Google Analytics page

From time to time test on new features and make subtle changes to the way that the site is delivered. When there is still testing of new features these cookies may be used to ensure that users receive a consistent experience whilst on the site whilst ensuring Billeroo understands which optimizations our users appreciate the most.

As Billeroo offers its products and services, it is important for the company to understand statistics about how many of the visitors or users to the online systems, web and mobile applications, and websites and the usage these cookies will track. This is important as it means to accurately make business predictions that allow the company to monitor advertising and product costs to ensure the best possible price.

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This document was last updated on 2022 February 16, and last reviewed on 2022 February 21.